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Flexink Consultants

Professor Iain McCulloch

Co-Founder and Director

Iain McCulloch has twenty years experience in industrial research and development, with a track record of creating successful commercial products for both optical and electronic applications. Having previously been the Research Manager of Organic Electronics at Merck Chemicals, Iain was responsible for establishing the multidisciplinary program, ranging from material design to semiconductor physics and device fabrication. Iain has a Chair in Polymer Materials at Imperial College, London, currently serves on the scientific advisory committee of several government funded projects, on review panels for the UK government, has been invited to be a member of programme committees for many international symposia and is on the editorial board of leading journals in Materials Science. His contribution to the field of organic electronics are also reflected in the award of several international R & D awards.

Dr. Martin Heeney

Co-Founder and Director

Martin Heeney is a graduate of University of East Anglia, and received his PhD in organic materials chemistry from the same institution in 1999. Following a postdoctoral position with a start-up company in the area of photodynamic therapy, he joined Merck Chemicals in 2000. Initially he worked on the development of fast switching liquid crystal display technologies, before joining the organic electronics groups in 2001. As lead chemist within the team, he established an innovative approach to new semiconductor development, which has been recognised by the granting of several international R & D awards. He has worked closely with many companies engaged in the research and development of organic electronics worldwide. Martin is currently a senior lecturer in the Materials Department at Queen Mary University of London.