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Products and Services Provided

Material Supply

Flexink have developed a range of state of the art, p-type organic semiconducting formulations, designed for solution based printing processes to enable the fabrication of organic transistors. Our material set is custom optimised to be ready-to-use in deposition processes such as spin and blade casting, ink jet printing, gravure and flexo printing. Charge carrier mobilities in excess of 1 cm2/Vs, have been achieved in thin film transistor architectures with Flexink organic semiconductors. We also offer optimised dielectric materials designed to complement and maximise the performance of our semiconductors. Materials are available in all quantities, from research, development up to pilot scale.


With over 30 years industrial experience in organic electronic materials design and synthesis, semiconductor physics, device processing and applications, the Flexink team can provide world class, state of the art consultancy in all aspects of the emerging plastic electronics industry. We specialise in offering strategic technical advice in the materials and processing sectors.

Industry Reports – Technical and Marketing

Detailed reports describing the global status of the emerging printed electronics industry are available. These include evaluation of commercially available materials and their applicability in printing processes, as well as an analysis of industrial progress in device and application development Customised patent analysis of the materials sector is also a speciality.

Joint Development Projects

Flexink can engage in co-developing synthetic routes and custom synthesis of new organic semiconductors and dielectrics.